Making It Rain: Pulling Value from the Cloud



Cloud Infrastructure Delivers ROI Downpours

"The cloud" can sound a bit hazy, and fluffy. Really, it is just using someone else's very powerful computer network to do the things you already do. And it can deliver great benefits, even for small- and medium-sized businesses. 

Join our team of cloud experts as we dive into how to determine if the cloud is best for you, and how to navigate a migration.
At the very least, you'll know not to move the servers to the CEO's garage.
Learn more about:
  • How SMBs are using cloud infrastructure.
  • The cost of on-premise data storage.
  • Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud infrastructure platform.
  • How organizations pay for cloud usage.
  • If you're a good fit for a move — not every business should be in the cloud.

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